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Sunday, 23 October 2011

0 novaPDF Professional Desktop v7.4.369

novaPDF is a PDF creator for Windows that allows you to easily create high quality searchable PDF files. With novaPDF, everyone from novice users to professionals can create professional-quality documents in industry-standard PDF format, by simply selecting the "Print" command from virtually any application. novaPDF gives you the ability to utilize all the advanced features: PDF bookmarks, PDF links, shared network PDF printing, public and private profiles, PDF watermarks, PDF compression, PDF security and many more. Features: Universal Printing Using novaPDF you convert to PDF all types of printed documents (eg DOC, XLS, PPT, PUB, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PUBX, HTML, TXT ,...), access the functionality through a printer driver interface. Compatibility Works on both 32 and 64-bit Windows operating system and does not require a 3rd party program such as GhostScript or runtime environments like the .. NET Framework Security PDF you can secure your PDF documents by requiring others to enter a password in order to view, print content or copy / paste from the PDF. Merge PDF Files you can add or insert the contents of the document to be converted to an existing PDF file. Cover PDF This allows adding the content of the document currently being printed via novaPDF as the background or foreground of an existing PDF file, with options for adjusting the position that content is added. Links PDF Support Any visible text that starts with "http://", "www", "mailto:", "ftp://" or "file: / /" in your original document can be converted into clickable active PDF links if you choose to do so. Send PDF via Email Can be configured to automatically email the PDF file is generated. Auto-save PDF Files When creating PDF files you can have novaPDF ask you every time in which to store the PDF file, or you can specify the default automatically save the settings. High Quality PDF files you can create searchable PDF files and maintains the original layout by embedding fonts and using different image resolutions. Free Support you are entitled to free customer support, even if you use the unregistered version ( registered users who answered first). Add-in for Microsoft ® OfficenovaPDF equipped with add-ins for Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) that allows one-click conversion to PDF. PDF Bookmark novaPDF can detect the headings in the document that will printed and add bookmarks in the generated PDF file. PDF Digital Signatures If you have a digital signature you can sign your PDF documents so that the certification of the authenticity and integrity of PDF document to the recipient. PDF Watermark You can stamp an entire PDF (or individual pages from it ) with images or text that can have rotation, opacity, color variation or other effects. PDF / A Compliance Creating PDF files in accordance with the specification for RGB colorspace PDF/A-1b so it can be used for long-term archiving of documents in PDF format. Public Profile Available in a server edition, this profile is created on the server computer PDF and automatically propagated to all client computers. Embedding Fonts novaPDF supports TrueType, OpenType and Type1 fonts and allows you to embed the font (or just a subset of the font) to ensure portability. Joint Network PDF Printer novaPDF Server can be installed on one computer in a network environment (printer server) and used by other computers on that network, without having to install it on every computer.

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