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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

0 Registry Fast v5.0

Quick Registry Cleaner Registry ™ 5.0 is a lightweight yet highly effective way to fix your PC problems, which have established themselves by providing advanced solutions that actually scan, repair and compact your PC's Registry files. Built-in features can effectively optimize your Windows system and thus improve your computer performance and speed.* Scan and Fix Registry-related problems (17 scans varied selection which includes all parts of the Windows-based operating systems). * Compact Registry file to remove fragment Registry. * Backup the Registry files prior to scanning and repair to ensure the improvement of the failure can be restored (including mandate backup and manual backup). * Recover & Optimize the default Windows settings to speed up PC performance with built-in rich utility (System Optimizer, IE Restore , Tweak Memory, Junk File Cleaner, Errors Utility, etc.).. Quick Registry is a rich platform to improve and optimize the PC suite.Quick Registry supports all versions of Windows-based operating system from Windows ME to Windows Vista is the latest. What can be amazing of all is that it offers a lot of stuff, such as the Startup Manager to manage the startup programs and Add / Remove Programs to uninstall the program manager is faster and more efficient than the standard Windows Add / Remove applet can do. It makes the program a complete tool for maintaining your PC. Quick registry can be very useful for professionals and beginners, very easy to use, allowing you to perform many operations without any difficulties or problems. Repair and speed up your PC with the highest value, easy to use registry cleaner and system optimize suite. Tune Up Your PC Easily & Instantly : * Free Up Your PC from Computer Errors * Remove Registry Repair & File Outdated * Make Your PC Run like Brand New * Tune Up Your System for Best Performance * Make sure you Fast and Secure Internet Surfing Tour * Uninstall Unwanted Applications Any dangerous orRegistry Quickly You can scan and repair: * ActiveX, OLE, COM sections: ActiveX, OLE COM section, the registry contains some invalid entities that can cause system errors and application crashes. * Uninstall Section: Section Uninstall registry entry contains multiple entities invalid link to a missing entity. This is caused by either installing and uninstalling applications in the system. * The Font: The font entries inside the registry contains some invalid entities that can cause abnormal font style in applications. Shared DLLs SectionShared DLLs * Section: Shared DLLs section in registry contains some invalid entities or corrupt DLLs that can cause conflict between the two applications. * Help Section: File Help Information part of the registry contains one ore more invalid entities that cause helped open file fails. * Startup Program: The program startup registry contains some invalid entities and that will bring damaged startup errors and cause system slow down when Windows starts up. * Invalid Shortcuts: The Shortcuts registry may contain some invalid shortcut entities a link to the exe file is missing .. This is caused by not properly installing and removing software, or moving. Lnk file. * Empty Registry Keys: empty registry keys in the registry referring to entities that are of no value to associate with. * Invalid File Associations: Association of file part of the registry may contain invalid file associations. If the file type associated with a program that does not exist then appear as an irregularity. * The voices parts: the voice of the registry may contain some junk entities that cause system slow. * Start Menu Items: Start Menu Section of registry may contain invalid entities linked to start the program menu. * Recently Used File: Some registry entities that used recently. * File Extensions: Some invalid file extensions entities may exist in the registry. * User Software Settings: the registry can contain multiple user software settings invalid or damaged records that need to be cleaned or repaired. * System Software Settings: the registry can contain multiple software system settings are invalid or corrupted records that need to be cleaned or repaired. Jalan Applications: Applications Road part of the registry may contain invalid entities that lead to the application of the wrong path. * System Services: Service System part of the registry may contain some damaged entities associated with the service system.

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