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Monday, 10 October 2011

0 Windows 7 Ultimate-N (EURO) SP1 х86

                                            Windows 7 Ultimate-N (EURO) SP1 х86

Assembly based on Ultimate-N SP1 x86-X64 Retail en_US. Mini and Mini-25 version 32 and 64 bits, the last to enter the desktop has the first 23-24 running processes (the first - 26-27). Integrated crack, IE 9.01 with all the critical (26-28 units) updates on 08/14/2011.

Set at the option of English or Russian, languages ​​are equivalent and can be switched via IP, Language, and Region. In the source file is not the player, media center and the Maker, you can install by downloading KB968211, and ru-RU is already integrated for them. DVD Maker will run in the Mini, a Mini-25 dropped to record disks. Apply a patch KB Article 2534111 in the name of the computer console-PC-PC can not be changed.

Removed in the Mini:
Drivers for modems, printers, scanners, tuners, video cards,
samples of music and video, Defender, speech recognition, text indexing, offline files.
Other languages. from those submitted only to Aero and Classic, the sound of five -
On a Japanese font for Office 2010.
Removed extra in the Mini-25:
Dynamic Volume Manager, iSCSI, Multi-Path Bus, HotStart, XBOX 360, Smart Cards
MSMQ, System Restore Storage Space Allocation, Client for NFS
IMAPIv2, UNIX (SUA), Help, Security Center, Sync Center, BitLocker
IP Helper, Quality Windows Audio Video Experience, SuperFetch, compatibility information
Tracking Client Relations, Task Scheduler, Error Messages
System requirements:
CPU - 1,7 ggz
RAM - 512 mb
Video - 128-bit
HDD - 7-10 gb

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