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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

0 Virus Maker 1.0

Virus Maker 1.0 is an application that can make virus extension.vbsor so called VBS Virus.Aplikasi is very easy to use because it uses asimple.Aplication interface is also not detected as a virus by antivirus outside as well as local because it uses a technique that does not exist by Virus Another maker is on Indonesia.Aplication Virus Maker does not damage the computer unless the file is generated or generated application is damaging the computer with the level of "Low".

  • Pray before using this application so that the target not angry with you.
  • Trepent after doing naughty friends who have become targets.
  • Relax computer-which means if there is damage.
  • The author is not responsible for the occurrence of errorswho performed the user.

The resulting virus application level of damage is not severe, because it uses simple techniques that can disable Regedit or Task Manager and other Windows tools essential.

Symptoms of this virus are:
- Create a file. txt with appropriate titles that users fill in when creating the virus.
- Create a duplicate file of the virus. vbs with the appropriate title
user input while creating a virus.
- Disable some important tools of Windows, such as Task Manager.
- Create a file autorun.inf on all drives (including flash disk).
- When opening the drive will be no warning that the Windows Hosts file
Script not found. This can be overcome by removing the string
regisry follows:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ MountPoints2.

Delete files MountPoints2 the registry in Windows.

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