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Monday, 31 October 2011

0 Process Lasso Pro v5.00.30

Process Lasso is a unique new technology to improve the functional response and stability of your computer. Windows by default allows programs to monopolize your CPU is not limited to - lead to a suspension problem and a stand. Process Lasso provides technology ProBalance (Process Balance) allows you to adjust the priority of the program is running a smart way, so that the excessive activity will not interfere with the ability to use computers! Process Lasso also offers a variety of methods to help you gain the ability to fully control how CPU resources are assigned to the program is running. You can choose the CPU priority and assigned to the process. You can also block certain programs, noting each time the program runs, always keep the program running, and other tasks: * To prevent it from dominating the process (a) CPU Optimize flexibility with priority ProBalance * Set priorities and establish a permanent CPU * Accelerated programs running on screen * Limit the amount of the same process program * Do not allow programs to run Keeping the process is still running (automatic restart if stopped) * Graph shows a unique feedback system * Recognition Events * Supports multiple users* Independent Mechanisms management process using minimal resources Various the same function Once you install Process Lasso, the program will start doing their jobs.Advanced users can tweak the configuration, but you do not touch anything that any program to automatically improve system response and to prevent overload. For network administrators, Process Lasso can operate effectively on a Terminal Server as well as in multi-user environment. We have many customers using Terminal Server Process Lasso for many years without any problems. Process Lasso is written in pure C + +, not .. NET means that the resources the program consumes very little system rather than the somewhat similar. In addition, process management mechanism is completely independent with a graphical interface that allows programs to run without a graphical interface (GUI). Features a graphical interface: * Management of the basic tasks feature a comfortable Displays the CPU for each process and conventional processes Change settings * Working with multiple processes simultaneously * System tray icon with a warning * There is virtually no waste of resources to minimize system * Complete the mission without causing discomfort to the graphical version of the Pro has the following advantages compared with the free version: Supports limit the amount of the first program* Support schedule memory consolidation * Optimization of a special compiler to increase speed * Ability to run the engine as a core service system * Enclosed TweakScheduler * Enclosed Vista Multimedia Scheduler Configuration Tools * There is a 'buy now' without the inconvenience of the screen * The right to use the official * Priority customer support * Access to the release previous Changelog: - Addition.All: Added I / O priority support for NT 6 + (Vista +) - Addition.All: Added core hyper-threaded avoid - Addition.All: Added new optional automatic updates - Change.All: Tweaks to ProBalance algorithms - Change.Core: Major rewriting and improved performance - Change.GUI: Improved Navigation and cosmetic adjustments - Fix.All: Improved interoperability with NIS 2011 SONAR and F-Protect DeepGuard - Change.All: Faster, more overhead Reduce du - Change.All: MUCH more .. A hundred small changes vai

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