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Friday, 30 September 2011

0 World's Best Board games

World's Best Board Games features 17 world famous board games developed in unprecedented quality with stunning 3D graphics, exciting effects, fantastic sound, and artificial intelligence in three levels of difficulty. You can play Single Player against the computer or challenge your friends and family.This board game is meant to encompass the full range of human experience, from birth to death, from marriage to inheriting a skunk farm. It’s the War and Peace of board games.

lifespinnerThe Game of Life was the one big hit of Civil War era printer-turned-game-designer Milton Bradley. However, his version was a lot different than the Life we now know. The modern game was introduced in 1960, on the hundredth anniversary of Bradley’s original. The new Game tells us a lot about the way Americans viewed life back in that Leave It to Beaver era. You got married young. You picked a career and stuck with it forever. The automobile was the center of your world. And your success was measured solely in dollars.

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