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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

0 Windows XP Superior Edition x64

Windows XP Superior Edition x64 | 1.02 Gb
Windows XP x64 supports up to 128GB of RAM,this Windows version is designed to work with 64-bit processors from AMD and Intel that support the x64 extensions to the x86 architecture.

These include Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX, Mobile Athlon 64, Turion 64, Opteron processors from AMD, and all Xeon, Pentium 4, Dual, Quad & 8 Core Intel setups with EM64T.

This XP is Multilingual User Interface ready (ALL Languages/Keyboard types!),and is more complete than earlier releases, including Outlook Express and IE8,If you are a beginner, at least make sure your system is really safe:

This XP64 is intended for those who - like us - prefer a Classic minimal approach, those who prefer OpenOffice, do audio- or video-editing, creative and developing work, and/or those who generally wouldn't share their PC/laptop with other users. You can however create new users and switch between them.

If you're the type that feels at home being Administrator *all the time*, then this will be a Superior OS for you.

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS (Read Before Installing!):
  • Burn the .iso Image-file to DVD at 4 X speed or slower, use
  • No need to unpack anything, just burn the file directly, it's a boot-disc image.
  • A fresh Install is recommended. Repair or Upgrade of existing Windows installs has not been tested, but functionality for running setup.exe is 100% available!
  • Power on your PC/laptop, press the button for the system to enter BIOS.
  • Make sure your mainboard BIOS Version is up-to-date.
  • Set Power Management (ACPI) to Enabled in BIOS.
  • Change the Boot sequence to DVD (CDROM) first, then Save and Exit BIOS.
  • 'Press any key' when asked to boot with the DVD, and after about 5 minutes
  • you should Quick-Format the desired storage partition for SXP64 to NTFS.
  • -> You only need to boot from DVD once, DON'T Press a key at the next boot !
  • -> You will be prompted for the Regional Settings. ALL files for Keyboards,
  • internationalization, input-languages are available, MUI support available!
  • -> Don't take out your DVD before installation is finished. Give the computer
  • sufficient time to decide what it must do, a good setup takes some time.

If you want to put SXP64 on a SSD, make sure you pre-align the partition: (Do this *before* you use the SXP64 install DVD..).

                                                                   Download link
                                                          Password Mediafire :



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