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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

0 Windows 7 Ultimate USB Stick Edition 2.0 (2011)

Windows 7 Ultimate USB Stick Edition 2.0 (2011) | 1.83 Gb
Have you ever wanted to run a real version of Windows 7 from a usb stick on any computer?,Now you can! Install Windows 7 Ultimate to your usb stick or drive, take it with you - and run from (nearly) any computer (even modern Macs). Bring your entire operating system, desktop, programs, games, files, personal settings, and much more with you - everywhere! You can now carry your personal operating system in a pocket!

This is not bartpe/winpe/livecd or anything similar! This is the first real and full version of Windows 7 Ultimate which can be run on any computer (fast enough to run Win7, 512+ Mb RAM, 1+ GHz CPU) from a USB/thumb drive ever created!

Installation is easy :
  • Requirements: 8GB or bigger high speed (at least 15 MB/s - otherwise Windows 7
  • WILL be slow) USB drive or stick
  • [Works well on Windows 7/Vista/2008 R2, doesnt work well on XP/2003!]
  • If your are running XP, download and follow THIS GUIDE: http ://ub3r.1337. cx/xp before doing anything else [not required for external USB drives]!
  • The installer *may* not work correctly on XP, its recommended to install from 7/Vista.

1). Extract the archive to a different location than your USB drive (e.g. desktop) using Winrar or 7zip. [DO NOT EXTRACT IT TO THE USB DRIVE!] Make a backup of your USB drive, it will be formatted during the installation.

2). Right click installer.bat, press Run as administrator and follow the on-screen instructions. (If you are sure that your USB drive is formatted as NTFS with 4k cluster size you can use the alternative installer instead.)

3). a: Insert the USB drive into (any) computer [without any hubs!], (re)start it and press F8, F9, F11, F12, option or another key depending on your hardware. A menu should appear, choose your USB drive from it. You can also change the boot device order in the bios[press ctrl + s, F2, F10 etc.]. Read the motherboard manual or google it. (This method works on computers that can boot from USB.)


3). b: Burn the bootloader to an empty CD [run "burn bootloader.bat"], insert the CD and the USB drive to (any) computer, (re)start it and choose "USB" from the menu. (This method will work on almost any computer.)

Thats it, enjoy carrying a full copy of Win 7 Ultimate in your pocket!
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