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Sunday, 4 September 2011

0 Talking Dictionary 9

Talking Dictionary 9 | 9.86 Mb
Talking Dictionary is a speech enabled 250,000 word English dictionary and thesaurus. Like all the talking software products on this site, Talking Dictionary has been designed for use by the non sighted person. All of the controls are easily remembered keyboard shortcuts and it is a very fast and easy program to use.

New features of Talking Dictionary :

New: Browsable database You can browse Talking Dictionary’s database now from word to word just like a paper dictionary.

New: Improved Screen Design Talking Dictionary copes much better with differing display settings. Use of large fonts and 640 by 480 screen size has been greatly improved.

New: Annotations You can now add and append notes to each and every word entry in Talking Dictionary’s database.

New: Browsable database You can browse Talking Dictionary’s database now from word to word just like a paper dictionary.

Wordnet 2.1 Database Update-Fully updated with 8500 new word definitions and synonyms from Princeton University’s dictionary database.

Can Use With Other Programs- Can be used within other Windows programs, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Notepad, etc.

Quick Launch Function Can be minimized to system tray for quick and easy use.

Advanced Spell Checker Improvements-Spell checker rewritten and improved.

Crossword Function Can be used to search for words when letters are missing from the input. For example, entering ch**se will return cheese, choose, etc.

Resizable Text - For partially sighted users the text size can easily be adjusted.

Can Use With or Without Screen ReaderIf you have a screen reader you prefer to use Talking Dictionary can be used with it. Note that Talking Dictionary does not require a screen reader as it has its own built in speech functions.

More Voices with CD Version-Talking Dictionary CD version codes with new voices that can easily be installed.

Control Echo-If you prefer to use tab navigable button controls as opposed to keystrokes, Talking Dictionary can be set to speak the name of each control that has focus. This mimics the behavior of a screen reader.

Comprehensive Help Documentation-Talking Dictionary comes with a standard Windows Help file, a plain text help file and a rich text format user manual.

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