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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

0 Norton Utilities 2010

Norton Utilities 2010 | 22.72 Mb
Key Technologies:
* Disk Cleaner
* Disk Bleacher
* Startup Manager
Registry Defragmenter
* Registry Cleaner
* Service Manager
* System Optimizer
* Performance Test™

Key Benefits:
* Finds and fixes PC problems with one click—Automatically detects and fixes Microsoft® Windows® issues so you can spend more time using your PC and less time troubleshooting.
* Speeds up PC boot time —Accelerates PC boot time and reduces unnecessary waiting by prioritizing startup applications.
* Reclaims PC memory—Optimizes the registry for quicker application launch and a faster running PC.
* Frees up hard disk space—Boosts overall PC performance by defragging your hard drive, freeing up storage space, and recouping system resources.
* Protects your personal information—Permanently deletes unwanted sensitive files from your PC so hackers can’t access your data.
* Helps prevent system errors—Undoes erroneous registry tasks and commands to help keep your PC running error-free.
* Benchmarks your PC’s performance—Determines whether your PC is performing at its best by benchmarking it against similar systems.


Solves PC Problems
* Automatically detects and fixes Microsoft® Windows® issues to keep your PC running fast and error-free.
* Registry Undo eliminates erroneous registry tasks and commands to avoid system errors.
* Puts you in charge by allowing you access to your Microsoft Windows settings.

Boosts PC Performance
* Startup Manager and Service Manager speed up PC boot time by prioritizing startup programs and Microsoft® Windows® services.
* Registry Defragmenter defragments and repairs the registry to help applications launch faster and improve overall PC performance.
* Registry Cleaner reclaims PC memory so you can run more applications simultaneously.
* Disk Cleaner optimizes the hard disk to free up disk space and recoup system resources.
* Performance Test shows you how well your PC is performing by benchmarking it against similar systems.

Increases Privacy and Security
* Disk Bleacher permanently deletes unwanted sensitive files so hackers can’t get at them.

Why Choose Norton Utilities
* Speeds up PC boot time by prioritizing startup applications.
* Fixes common PC problems automatically — one-click is all it takes.
* Maximizes overall system performance to help make your old PC run like new again.
* Optimizes the registry so programs open faster.
* Defragments and cleans your hard drive to free up disk space.
* Recoups system resources for a fast running PC.
* Optimizes PC memory so you can run more applications simultaneously.
* Purges unwanted sensitive data to increase privacy and security.
* Undoes erroneous registry commands to avoid system errors.

System Requirements:
Microsoft® Windows® XP (32-bit) with Service Pack 2 or later Home/Professional/Media Center

Microsoft® Windows Vista® (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate

Microsoft® Windows 7® (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
* 300 MHz or faster processor
* 256 MB of RAM
* 200 MB of available hard disk space
* CD-ROM or DVD drive (if not installing via electronic download)
* Internet connection (to activate the product)

Download link
DownloadPassword Mediafire :


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