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Sunday, 11 September 2011

0 ID USB Lock Key 1.3

ID USB Lock Key 1.3 | 6.17 Mb
ID USB Lock Key program is designed to lock your computer from unauthorized access attempts. The blocking mechanism is simple when you start the program in a lock on thescreen displays a message on the computer is locked and blocked all access to it, with the generated and stored on the usb-drive is a special key to disable the lock. Activating the screen lock is held in three steps.

All you need to do to protect your PC - so submit your USB device to generate a security key and pull the USB device. Your computer will be blocked from any unauthorized access. You can choose to activate the blocking mode by simply pressing CTR + L.

Key The program locks your computer through the device via USV Keystrokes CTR + ALT + DEL, has a convenient graphical user interface that is very simple to use, requires minimal space on your computer to work effectively.

ID USB Lock Key is a security program meant to protect your computer from unauthorized users. It denies access, by providing a security block-screen which can be unblocked with the USB stick where you have the key generated by the program.

ID USB Lock Key Main Features:
• Generates a protection-key for each USB stick
• Blocks PC by simply pressing CTR+ALT+L
• Activates a block-screen after locking the PC
• Denies access to unauthorized users
• Preserves block-status even after reboot

Detailed Features:

• Activates the block screen by just three steps. All you have to do, in order to have your PC protected, is to introduce your USB stick, generate a security private key and unplug the USB. Your computer then blocks any unauthorized access.

• Locks your computer by itself when your status becomes IDLE. You can choose to activate the blocking-mode by simply pressing CTR+ALT+L.

• ID USB Lock Key protects thoroughly by not allowing access not even after a reboot of your computer. It makes sure that your PC doesn’t reboot to its original unblocked status.

• Generates a unique protection key for one or more USB sticks. In case you loose your USB stick, or you want to allow access to another user on his/her private USB stick, the program will generate another unique key.

• Displays a lock screen. ID USB Lock Key displays a protection screen whenever someone else touches your computer, disabling any key from having any influence upon it.

• ID USB Lock Key has a convenient graphic interface which is very simple to use. It requires minimal space on your computer to operate efficiently.

System Requirements:
• Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
• 300 Mhz processor
• 3 MB hard drive space
• 128 MB RAM
• Supports Internet Explorer.

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