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Thursday, 29 September 2011

0 Cloning Clyde Pc Game

As part of Microsoft's summer Xbox Live Arcade release schedule, Cloning Clyde came out today. Clyde joins a number of other oddball games on the XBLA like Wik and Outpost Kaloki X, but it's also offers some of the most extensive game modes available. It's also a lot of fun to play. At 800 Microsoft Points (10 dollars USD), it's one of the more expensive options. Still, it's still cheaper than Bankshot Billards, which stands as the most confoundingly overpriced XBLA title to date at 1200 MPs (15 dollars USD).
The game offers 24 levels in addition to a few training stages, as well as 10 challenge stages once the rest are completed. Completing each stage requires players to use a range of silly gameplay devices. By using The Fly-like genetic mashing machines, Clyde can turn into creatures like a goat, a monkey, a frog, an explosive barrel, or a chicken. Each form gives Clyde special powers like flying, swimming, exploding, jumping, and ceiling crawling. In addition, Clyde can toss around chickens and ride goats to overcome obstacles.

Then there are the human Clyde clones, who can be switched between at will. Sometimes there'll be around 20 Clydes in one level. To open doors or disengage electricity fields, each Clyde often needs to be placed on switches or scales or other such mechanisms. Particularly cool are the rockets scattered around some levels. When Clyde jumps into their path, they slam into his stomach, carrying him across otherwise impassable chasms. In some of the later levels the rocket puzzles get pretty crazy.

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