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Sunday, 18 September 2011

0 Chronostorm: Siberian Strike ( Full Rip )

Chronostorm: Siberian Strike ( Full Rip ) | 366.25 Mb

Type : RTS
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Buka, Ulysses Games
Release date : September 14th, 2011

Chronostorm: Siberian Strike is a dynamic real-time strategy game about the hot battles that could happen in the near future at the eastern boarders of Russia. In 2015, Chinese army invades Eastern part of Russia, following the interests of the largest corporation called “Way of Dragon”. Using unique secret technologies of time control, they manage to move far inland to Siberia. Your need to learn these time control skills and to kick the enemies out of the country!.

Features :

* Time Control: what has been before a priority for such genres as action and shooter is now realized in RTS format! You can stop the time on the selected area and relocate to the battle field such fight units from the past or the future as T-34 and futuristical fighting vehicles.

* Realism of the present: There are realistic territories where the events could take place in the game. You will have to protect railway connection of Tindy, win back hydro-power station of Irkutsk, and lead your troops to the Great Wall of China. All of the technologies and machinery in the game correspond to the modern stereotypes.

* Modern graphics and high game dynamics: Bright explosions, fragments of technology flying off in different directions, the roar of artillery and detailed models will allow you to feel the heat and adrenalin of these battles.

* Wide range of tactics selection: On your way to victory you will need smart usage of peculiarities of locations and shelters, applying unique capacities of diverse battle units and effective management of time technologies.

* Multi-users Mode: Play the game with your friends on any of the opponent sides through your local network or on the Internet.
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