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Sunday, 18 September 2011

0 BSR Screen Recorder 4.4.2

BSR Screen Recorder 4.4.2 | 13.66 Mb
BSR Screen Recorder: Capture video, sound and image of any thing that you see in the screen. Any part of the screen or a window or the totality of desktop can be recorded.

Serious its web cam sessions, favourite person or thing, games of any software in its environment of work, any video exhibition in the screen, registers of audio of what you hear from its columns, You include Film and Studios Photo! It makes download now, and you it will discover much more.

You can use the gratuitous version, without any secular limit! BSR can save videos as AVI (including DivX and XviD), Flash (SWF) and Windows Media (WMV).

Main Features :

* Capture screen action as video (Windows as standard rasps video: AVI film archives flash archive: SWF and Windows Media Video: WMV) and images

* It selects any part of ecrŠ³ for the writing (desktop complete, a window, a region, image in image, Handycam)

* It uses WATCHIT Mode for webcam WRITING WRITING & video in the Internet. This provides one auto-optimized to capture writing. Pauses automatically when the writing video streaming is congealed and starts of new automatically due the changes in the flow video.

* Serious the audio one of its microphone, falantes, COMPACT DISC of audio, etc MIDI in its film in video or to add sound from a sound archive

* Record subs-heading during the writing of the video

* Photo Studio uses to visualize captured images and to create films of them

* It uses MOVIE STUDIO (enclosed in the Screen Recorder) stops

* To add/Mix/append audio in video

* Cut portions of video

* To capture video images

* To extract video sound

* Junction Videos

* Images of video - Video to create image archives

* It synchronizes of audio and video

* Resample video (It changes its speed, compress with another one codec)

* Compatible DivX and Xvid

* You can choose different codecs (compressing) to record the video. You can choose any codec available in its computer. To change compression options, such as quality, etc taxes picture key

* It defines keyboard keys of `Record', `Stop and of Pause

* It uses Archive Multi Writing Function (registers for a new archive when it exceeds one definitive size of the filing-cabinet)

* It receives to advise Screen Recorder to diminish from video archive

* Manual writing Button foresees a manual easy screen writing. Records, while you to keep pressured the keyboard key manual register. Pauses when you to divulge it and continue when pressured again.

* To extend zoom during the writing

* Handy Cam function (Auto)

* Custom watermark writing

* To show size of archive during the writing

* It captures speed configuration. Vast gamma of capture speed setting For example from 30 frames for according to frame for 1 the 2 hours. This resource can be used to capture a security video cam to a speed of 2 frames per 1 minute for example.

* Auto configuration of reproduction speed.

* Size of the configuration of zoom in, zoom-out.

* Cursor of mouse writing (you can registers hand of mouse in movements of its video)

* Custom cursor of mouse election

* Records click of mouse shows

* Keystroke to show writing

* Keystroke a sonorous writing

* To show to date and hour of its video

* Configurations of quality of audio

* Sub-heading text configurations

* You can define Screen Recorder to work completely invisible

* To execute BSR in the tray of the system

* To execute BSR the esquina

* It folds BSR, in order to become occupy it little space in the screen to supply a great area to it of writing

* The size of the archive has limited characteristic

* We can start to record in one definitive time

* You can configure it to record up to one definitive time

* Shortcut to define ?Take Picture?

* Assistant Configuration

* Custom temporary and folders photos election

* To restore standards

* They intercalate option of audio

* Functions you add for the synchronization of audio

* It captures performance reports

* Video and photo to capture the definitions for Way of type drawing (as the captation soft way, accented Way of capture)
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