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Sunday, 28 August 2011

0 Mediachance Photo Brush 5.25

Mediachance Photo Brush 5.25 | 14.58 Mb
Photo-Brush 5 is image editor, painting program, picture retouching tool, photo enhancer and RAW Image Browser for Windows XP and Vista. Over the years we added many rich tools and effects for photo adjusting and photo retouching found in much more expensive professional tools.

And there are also some effects and tools you can hardly find elsewhere. It also supports full range of EXIF information from Digital Camera images. It is also probably the best value around.

Consider this:
• All the typical adjustments you need (Exposure, Levels, Hue/Sat/Luma, Cloning, various Sharpening etc.)
• Plenty of professional tools (Chromatic Aberration, Barrel-Pincushion, Perspective Compenstation etc..)
• RGB, HSL, YCb/Cr, Mask channels
• Color lab - create vivid, dynamic photos using natural LRGBY space
• Fun tools like Liquid Warp, Little Planet (Stereographic Projection), Fractal Droste effect (image-in-image)
• Adobe Photoshop(tm) plug-in support
• RAW support
• Starts in seconds, optimized code, small footprint, no fluff

• New Interface, improved Chromatic Abberration
• Little Planet Feature
• Color Lab, works using new natural LRGBY color enhancing - produce instant photo-magazine grade vivid images with a touch of few dials. It allows for more flexible, natural dynamic color enhancements, without the typical over-processed look when using RGB or HSL.
• Fractal Droste for image-in-image effects
• Interactive Liquid Warp allows you to warp images with various brushes. A clear favorite for changing face expressions, thinning figures or creating caricatures of your favorite family members. Detail Subdivision Level allows you to warp smallest detail as well as the whole image.
• Improved Adobe Photo-Shop plug-ins now recognizes most new and old Adobe Compatible plug-ins including our new ReDynamix
• Improved RAW and Exif support

Photo Brush is:
• Image Editor. Photo-Brush has all the necessary tools for editing and adjusting digital images: Adjusting levels, Gamma, RGB curves, Hue/Saturation, Brightness/Contrast and more..
• Photo Retouch. With its special brushes and tools you can remove unwanted parts of your images, clean scratches, remove Red-Eyes, Clean skin of portraits, Cloning with Rubber stamp and more...
• Painting Program. Photo-Brush is also an excellent painting program with its Pressure Sensitive tablet support. With texture painting, Artistic, Natural or 3D brushes you can create any work of art. With Cloning you can turn your photos into paintings.
• Scanning Software. Photo-Brush has TWAIN 32 support for scanners as well as 32 bit film scanners. It has build in powerful Auto Dust Removal system.
• Filter Heaven. There are many filters already build-in, but Photo-Brush can also use Adobe PhotoShop (tm) compatible Plug-Ins as well. It can run the plug-ins from anywhere in your computer, even from network drives.
• A lot of Fun. Try Warping or add a great touch with Image Nozzle! Add Lens Flare, Sparkles, Age the picture, Replace colors or Colorize black & white pictures; Add cool text in 2D, 3D, and drop shadow. The new effects include Fractal Droste or Little Planet.
• Image Browser. A cool new multi threaded RAW/JPG Image Browser was added for your convenience. You can view image thumbnails in any directory on your disk, CD, network ormemory chip.

Change Log:
* Polarization Filter is back
* Color Lab - works on pixels using new natural LRGBY color enhancing. A simple, but very powerful way to produce vivid color-corrected images without over-processing that is typical of working with a RGB pixels. Produce punchy - photo magazine grade images without being accused of having a saturation-happy fingers.

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